Green Buddha Hemp Co. strives to help people live better lives through the transformative power of plants. Our life-long passion for hemp and the healing benefits of the cannabis plant drives everything we grow and create here at Green Buddha Hemp Farms.

Our industrial hemp farms are located in the Willamette River Valley where we utilize strict sustainable farming practices including:

  • Zero Pesticide Use
  • Pollinator-friendly Companion Planting
  • Organic Compost Teas & OMRI-certified Soil Amendments
  • Minimal Tilling
  • Drip Irrigation Systems for Efficient Water Usage
  • Cover Crop Planting Between Growing Seasons
  • Maintaining Riparian Zones
  • Solar-powered In-field Controllers

At Green Buddha Hemp Co, we are very serious about consistency, quality, and safety. Only the highest quality and grade of hemp material is used in our products, and everything we offer comes with the assurance of a state-certified lab testing facility.

Our Products


Pain Relieving CBD Body Balm